The intent of the best artwork in my opinion is to challenge the viewpoints of all that it encounters. With that being said, I challenge both the youth and elder generations to confront their ideals face to face on what is, and is not considered art defined as hiphop, free of bias.
Out of the thousands of available post 80's/ early 90's records I sample from daily, I specifically handpicked "Terminator X" for the sole purpose of revitalizing the spirit of challenging authority. We live in a day and age where the true definition of any artistry has become a loosely thrown-around adjective for anyone attempting to draw attention to self, many with the intent or the pursuit of fame, without regard for the craft they proclaim.
Many will take this as a direct target at the various southern-based market, on the contrary I am an avid listener, and a true fan of their artistry. My initial anger is not with the level of articulates, (in the almost 40 years of Hip-Hop, there has always been wack rappers with a motive, it is in fact with the "flattery" as the sincerest form of "imitation"(see what I did there?. Regardless of profession, aesthetic, or style of artistry, this is something our generation is over overindulgent in. They will eventually get the gist.... And if not, It's time for termination. (insert skull and crossbones)
#Legendbound 2017.